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The Hellenic Foundation has retained the services of Greek-speaking Trustee of a Greek-speaking Trustee and Liaison in Athens, Greece to address governmental, translation, and general Hellenic Foundation issues. The Hellenic Foundation recognizes that other Hellenic related charities or Greek individuals operating outside of Greece may be in need of liaison services in Greece. The Hellenic Foundation would be pleased to offer her services at a nominal charge to other charities, entities, or individuals needing liaison services in Greece. Please feel free to contact the Hellenic Foundation or its Liaison in Greece directly at (30) 693 142-5932 or by email to

Reguina Gounzourevskaia of Athens, Greece will be a Trustee, and Liaison in Greece for the Hellenic Foundation. Ms. Gounzourevskaia is a Permanent Resident of Greece and has resided in Greece for more than twelve years. Ms. Gounzourevskaia has a background and education in mass media and communications. Ms. Gounzourevskaia has applied for citizenship in Greece and will spearhead the Hellenic Foundation’s efforts to create descriptive historical monuments in Greece.

Her contact information is as follows:
c/o Reghina Gunzurevscaia
Trustee and Liaison in Greece
Alikarnassov 12
Piraeus, Greece 185 39
(0030) 694 57 81810

Helpful Links to Assist You with Greek-Related Information
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